Will you support both legislation and regulation requiring all players that benefit from the Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications systems to invest in the creation of original Canadian programming?

Will you commit to protect and maintain funding for cultural agencies (such as the Canada Council for the Arts) and film / video production tax credits, without reductions or limitations?

The so-called ‘gig economy’ is not a new reality for creative industry workers. We’re used to dealing with precarious working conditions as a way of life. What’s your plan to improve the status of these workers, including any changes to the Employment Insurance Act, to make work-life more predictable and secure?

What’s your plan to leverage Canada’s diversity advantage, foster inclusion and raise the profile of Indigenous and women creators? What will you do to ensure that a diversity of voices and viewpoints are represented among Canadian creators? What will you do to support the efforts of the industry to ensure safe & respectful workplaces to all our co-workers?

What are your plans to ensure that CBC/Radio Canada receives adequate and consistent funding, free from political influence?

Digital theft continues to be a problem for workers whose livelihoods depend on a robust film and television industry. Will you commit to supporting these jobs by strengthening Canada’s copyright laws?